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About Geordie Seeds

Geordie Seeds was established in 2009 when myself Emma was a struggling grower looking for the best Genetics to produce the best smoke. Since then life has been a roller-coaster of good seeds, bad seeds, fine smoke and not so fine smoke. What started off in good old Geordie land (Newcastle Upon Tyne for non- Geordies) has progressed a lot……

Now its not just me, there is 8 of us in the “Geordie Seeds Team” and we are based all around the World. All with one aim: To produce fine genetics for the World to grow and love.

How we create strains: Years of breeding and obviously testing 🙂 has gone into each strain. Genetics are collected from around the World and distributed to our 8 breeding experts. New strains are created, tested and tweaked to be the best possible Genetics ever. We pride ourselves on top quality Cannabis Seeds at reasonable prices.

Geordie Seeds stock Feminised Cannabis Seeds and Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds. We produce our flagship strains and we know they are spot on strains that produce amazing smoke. We are also releasing some Limited Edition Cannabis Seeds that are a first look at what our breeders are working on. Some of them are pretty out there so get trying the new Cannabis strains.

We offer:

  • Free delivery on all UK orders
  • Free Seeds with all orders
  • Stealth shipping
  • International delivery
  • Same day shipping
  • Top quality customer service

Our new Geordie Seeds website is ready to go….. We would like to thank 420 Cannabis Seeds who have hosted Geordie Seeds now for 11 years. They are a fantastic team and I would urge you to use them for all your branded Cannabis Seeds. Customer service is great and that’s what Geordie Seeds aspires to. Thankyou 420 Cannabis Seeds.

Also a shout out to Dave our tech guy and master tester, thankyou for all your hard work.

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Certified Products

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We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!