GSPHENO#44BG Limited Edition Feminised Seeds



GSPHENO#44BG Limited Edition Feminised Cannabis Seeds

GSPHENO#44BG ….. what the hell is it? Well this is one hell of a Bubblegum strain that is the best ever. It is the 44th attempt at perfecting the legendary Bubblegum weed. Geordie Seeds took various different Bubblegum Strains including genetics from Serious Seeds, Nirvana, G13 labs and many many more. Six years of breeding and many many hours of tender loving care has brought GSPHENO#44BG to the point of no return. 8 connoisseur Cannabis breeders have tested this one and all agree you can’t perfect perfection. She grows like an absolute dream, she smokes like nothing you’ve ever had before and she makes you feel like you’ve landed in heaven! We have been trying to give this one a name but keep on reverting back to calling her 44BG. At the moment we are only releasing the Feminised seeds as limited edition. We only have 590 seeds on hand and ready to sell. However we do have the capability to make this a fully fledged Geordie Seeds strain if the public demands it?

What makes 44BG so special? Well our team of breeders have carefully selected the best genetics that are easy to grow and fully represent what a fruity Bubblegum strain should look, taste and smell like. Also all plants are the most vigorous form, meaning all niggley little growing problems and nutrient deficiencies are ruled out. Expect monster plants like you have never seen before.

Here at Geordie Seeds we are going to keep this one a bit of a mystery. We want you to let us know what you think. Is this the best Bubblegum weed ever? We will be running competitions giving away some of these seeds to growers who are up to the challenge. We will also be updating this page as more and more reviews of 44BG are posted.

GSPHENO#44BG are currently on sale for £39.99 for 10 Feminised Cannabis Seeds. This is a promotional offer only and may end at any time.

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