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Northern Cookies Auto Seeds

Northern Cookies Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are a superb take on the classic Girl Scout Cookies. Geordie Seeds have always loved GSC and have closely followed its progression to a cult Cannabis Strain that is recognised Worldwide. Originally from California Girl Scout Cookies has travelled the World and made a lot of stoners very high and very happy.

Geordie Seeds have been tinkering with these Genetics for over four years and have finally perfected it. Mixing in a touch of our flagship strain, Newcastle Skunk and then back-crossing this to GSpheno#14 has achieved amazing results. Northern Cookies Auto is an all new GSC pheno that will rock the Cannabis World. Wondering what GSpheno#14 is? Read more about it below….

Northern Cookies Auto is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid that takes around 9 weeks to flower or approximately 13 weeks from planting the seed to germination. She is a very easy to grow strain that is highly recommended for beginner Cannabis growers. She will grow to approximately 60 cm and stay compact and sturdy. A strong stem offers multiple flowering heads that develop rock hard colas of utter beauty. The buds glisten in the light wit an abundance of crystals and the orange airs are a real contrast to the purple leaves that develop later on in flowering.

How does Northern Cookies Auto make you feel? Well when we first sampled the original trial batch we had to have an afternoon nap. The high is very calming, very happy and almost dream like. The massive Indica kick isn’t instantly there but the more you consume the more you feel like your floating. Things become more interesting and funnier…. a definite giggly strain that puts a very big smile on your face.

Smells and tastes are abit odd. You get the classic GSC, a sweet almost desert like taste followed by a mouth coating lemon skunk kick. Very unique and here at Geordie Seeds we believe very unique is very good!

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Newcastle Skunk x Ruderalis x GSpheno#14
THC: 22%
CBD: 0.1%
Yield Indoors: approx 500 grams per metre square
Yield Outdoors: variable depending on plant size
Flowering time Indoors: 11-12 weeks
Flowering time Outdoors: late September
Plant height Indoors: 1.2 metres
Plant height Outdoors: very tall

GSpheno#14 is a mix of OG Kush and Cookies and Cream. It is a hybrid that we have been working on for over 6 years and is part of our research and development range. As of yet there are no intentions of releasing this as a strain but we did find it perfectly complemented GSC and brought out the sweeter lemon like flavour and relaxing high. Maybe one day we will release this one but as of now you will have to be satisfied with the Northern Cookies Auto

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