The Big O Limited Edition Autoflowering Seeds



The Big O Limited Edition Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The Big O….Well what can we say about this one? It’s a highly energetic strain with a tingly high that can be very creative. Most definitely a stress reliever with almost super human powers.

The Big O is an autoflowering Feminised Cannabis Seed that all growers should at least try once. It will take a few weeks longer to grow than your average Auto but its definitely worth it. Flowering time is on average 11 weeks from seed. In the last two to three weeks The Big O becomes a real gem. Her long Sativa buds fill out and sparkle with immense crystals. With smells of citrus fruits and an orangey hint that is very unique and very intriguing.

Geordie Seeds have been working on this super cute massive Auto for a while now. It is now perfected and ready to to be seen in all its naked glory. Super long sparkling Sativa buds will entice the grower to her perfect structure and amazing looks. Once you can bring yourself to chop down this natural beauty you will be immersed in her super powers…..

That first toke is all about the unique flavour and smooth exhale. Don’t expect to be floored by an immediate rush. No this one tickles your senses and slowly oozes an exotic feeling of bliss that creeps into one the most immense head high that has you giggling and floating away on a cloud of happy feelings. After a few more inhales your mind will really focus and your thoughts and energy levels will sore. A highly productive Cannabis Strain that is energetic and upbeat.

Please note the Big O is not a good idea if you want a relaxed sleepy smoke. Probably best not to consume before bedtime. Geordie Seeds can testify that this one keeps you awake and very alert.

When grown Indoors The Big O will reach heights of about 1.2 metres and take an average of 11 weeks from seed germination to harvest. When grown Outdoors you need to seriously consider your growing area/place. In warmer climates she has been known to grow in excess of 2.5 metres tall. Those super long Sativa buds really do grow quickly. Expect yields of around 2 ounces per plant if grown in a m2 tent with 8 plants. If grown outdoors, seriously the sky’s the limit. Well your space is the limit.

Genetics: Old School California Orange x Tangie x Newcastle Skunk x Ruderalis
THC: 22%
CBD: 0.1%
Yield Indoors: approx 500 grams per metre square
Yield Outdoors: variable depending on plant size
Flowering time Indoors: 11-12 weeks
Flowering time Outdoors: late September
Plant height Indoors: 1.2 metres
Plant height Outdoors: very tall

Pack Size

10 Seeds


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